Tidings To All Ye Who Would Build Pipelines Here

Over the holidays, Southern Oregon Rising Tide mailed festive postcards to several of their fracking foes with a special message: Bring the pipeline, expect resistance. Donning elf hats and tree-climbing apparel, SORT members scaled a snow laden doug fir tree that stands in the path of the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline near Ashland, OR.postcard_front

Pipeline construction still awaits final approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Department of State Lands, so trees on the 95-foot-wide, 232-mile-long pipeline easement are safe for now. But the message from the grassroots to the corporate world should be clear: this pipeline is a bad investment.

Veresen (VSN), the parent company of Jordan Cove, has continued to lose value in the stock market since 2014. This fall, the company revealed to FERC that they have yet to secure any buyers for the fracked gas they wish to export. Less than five percent of landowners on the proposed pipeline easement have signed contracts allowing work on their properties. Companies investing in the project will face financial challenges from environmental lawsuits, eminent domain proceedings—and also relentless work stoppages caused by tree sits and road blockades.

Postcard text here:

Dear Jordan Cove & Pacific Connector,
Happy fracking holidays! It’s a snowy December here in Southern Oregon and we hope everyone involved with the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG export project is keeping us in your thoughts.

This last year was a big one for Southern Oregon Rising Tide. Grassroots resistance to the pipeline and export project is stronger than ever. We have hiked the pipeline route, rallied at the capital, and shut down your offices. It’s also been a busy year for our extended family across the Northwest. Communities have been fighting and shutting down fossil fuel export projects across the region, blockading oil trains, dangling from bridges, disrupting meetings—you get the picture. Here is Oregon, the Portland City Council banned all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects in the city.

We hear it’s been a rough year for Veresen. Despite your nagging and pleading, less than five percent of landowners on the pipeline have signed. Your stock value is at an all time low and even FERC is questioning your lack of export contracts. Meanwhile, natural gas prices continue to plummet.

Do you know what you’re up against in Southern Oregon? We are part of the “thin green line”: a fierce network of resistance that will shut down anyone who tries to exploit our region. If you attempt to complete the Jordan Cove LNG terminal and pipeline, a diverse coalition in opposition to your projects will fight you every step of the way. We will fight your permits, we will fight you in the courtrooms, we will fight you in the media, and we will fight you in the backwoods. We know these forests and rivers better than you do. Southern Oregon Rising Tide and friends are ready to put our bodies on the line to stop you—whether that means blocking construction crews, treesitting along the pipeline corridor, or stopping the day’s work at your offices. Every delay and disruption will cost you time and money.

We wish you a 2016 of low stock, delayed an denied permits, rowdy resistance at every turn, and eventual miserable defeat.
Your stocks are falling, we are rising, and these forests are still standing. Happy fracking holidays.

Warmly yours,
Southern Oregon Rising Tide