Introducing Southern Oregon Rising Tide

Hey there!

Southern Oregon Rising Tide, based in rural Southern Oregon, is dedicated to promoting community- based solutions to the climate crisis and taking direct action to confront the root causes of climate change. We’re part of a vibrant movement across Oregon and the Pacific Northwest that’s fighting fossil fuel export proposals in our region and our communities. The fossil fuel industry hopes to turn our region into an export hub, proposing 26 new facilities to export coal, oil and gas overseas. As a chokepoint for fossil fuel infrastructure, we’ve both a unique opportunity and obligation to confront the fossil fuel industry.

We recognize that the impacts of the climate crisis & extreme energy disproportionately impact indigenous peoples, communities of color, and low-income communities—those least responsible for causing the problem and the first to be hit by the impacts. Accordingly, we’re committed to supporting the leadership of these frontline communities. In particular, indigenous communities here face serious and disproportionate threats to cultural sites and lands, traditional foods, water rights, and more from the climate crisis and the LNG pipeline. While much of the climate movement ignores these issues, SORT is dedicated to playing a support role in indigenous struggles for justice.