Siskiyou-Klamath Community Action Fund

Money for the roots

Klamath-Siskiyou Action Fund is thrilled to offer low-barrier, quick-turnaround small grants to bolster social and environmental justice organizing throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California. This program offers small grants to groups and projects that have difficulty accessing mainstream sources of funding. Barriers could include a lack of 501c3 status or grant writing expertise, the need to respond quickly to a crisis or opportunity, participation in direct action, or tactics, goals, or understandings that don’t translate to traditional funders. Please read the information below before applying.

  • Who is the funding for?
    • Frontline groups/projects confronting the root causes of climate change, colonization, white supremacy, patriarchy, transphobia, xenophobia (etc.
    • Groups/projects building solidarity through community-based solutions. Examples: Grassroots disaster relief, community centers, grassroots media, prisoner support, community gardens, libraries, mobile kitchens, food justice projects (etc.)
    • Funding is intended for groups in the Pacific Northwest, especially the Klamath-Siskiyou Region and Southwest Oregon. If you are outside of that region, please reach out first to the Rising Tide North America Action Fund
    • Funding will be prioritized for rural, indigenous, other POC, low-income communities
    • Funding will be prioritized for groups without staff or 501c3 status, though anyone is welcome to apply. If you are a registered non-profit with paid staff, please use the second form to provide more information
  • How much can I apply for?
    • Grants generally will not exceed $500, but if your group has a specific or urgent need for a larger amount please specify in your application
    • Applicants should ask for a specific amount, including a breakdown of how you plan to spend the money, and be able to account for spending afterwards if asked
  • When will I hear back?
    • Expect the process of reviewing your application, approving, and distributing funds to take up to a month.
    • Please let us know if you are responding to a more urgent situation, such as an emerging crisis in your community or legal defense for an action, and we will try to respond immediately
  • How long will this funding be available?
    • We received a single private donation to create this action grant. There is $18,900 available still as of January 2020. If we are able to get more funding, the project will continue. But for now, our action grant program will last until the funding runs out. We have no requirement to disburse the funds within a certain amount of time.
  • Will my group be expected to provide accountability on our grant spending?
    • We would love for any groups we fund to share images, words, and links that we have permission to use to raise more money for the fund and get a sense of how much a little bit of money can accomplish.
    • We do not expect groups to provide every receipt or write an essay.
  • How do I apply?
    • Please fill out our application here . We do not expect lengthy, overly formal responses, but please answer all of the questions. Please provide a way for us to follow up with you in case we have any other questions
    • If you are a 501c3 or other registered non-profit with staff, please fill out the application supplement.

The Klamath-Siskiyou Community Action Fund was envisioned by SORT in 2019. We received a one-time private donation, and rather than use it to turn into a different kind of organization, we remembered how far a few hundred dollars can go– a few hundred dollars got us from an idea to a scrappy volunteer collective with a dense web of relationships, many successful event and trainings under our belt, years of helping shape the fight against Jordan Cove LNG. So we invited some badasses from across the region to help us create this fund.

The body that will review applications will be the aforementioned badasses and two SORT members. You can contact us at

If you would like to contribute to the fund, you can donate here.All of the money raised through this page will go directly to the Community Action Fund.

Confronting the Root Causes of the Climate Crisis