This is a great place to start connecting with Siskiyou Rising Tide. We are a rural group fighting the root causes of climate change and building community.

We strongly encourage you to find us on facebook and subscribe to our newsletter- these are the places where we share events, activities, and concrete ways to get involved.

And while we’re here – we’re always looking to build relationships with others working on similar fights, so please get in touch by emailing us at sorisingtide@gmail.com.


Siskiyou Rising Tide (formerly, Southern Oregon Rising Tide) is dedicated to promoting community- based solutions to the climate crisis and taking direct action to confront the root causes of climate change. We are based in the mountains and rivers of rural Southern Oregon, with most of our members living on stolen Takelma land.

Our mission: Siskiyou Rising Tide is a volunteer-run, non-hierarchical group committed to resisting capitalism and building social change through fun and creative disruptions. We use a range of tactics as diverse as all of our skill sets. By building deep relationships with our community, the land, and with other organizations, we create opportunities to take action that are accessible, joyful, and have direct impact on the issues we work on.

Our issues and values: SORT was created in 2015  in response to the proposed Pacific Connector LNG Pipeline through Southern Oregon. In continuing to fight the pipeline in coalition with other groups and organizations, we focus on building a culture of direct action and elevating the voices of rural and indigenous people whose lives and communities are most impacted by environmental destruction and climate change in Oregon and Northern California.

In recent years, our focus has expanded, but our principles remain the same. Climate justice transcends borders and is ultimately entwined with indigenous sovereignty and self determination, and with thinking beyond capitalism. We believe in the inherent dignity of all people, and also in the value of all non-human life including plants, animals, watersheds and forests. In action, we strive to build alliances and show up for those who are most impacted by oppression. We seek to resist fascism, capitalism, xenophobia, racism, transphobia, homophobia and patriarchy. We recognize that a community of mutual aid and solidarity is a potent force in opposing a system that thrives on division and hate.

How we organize: SORT is a collective of community members living primarily in Jackson and Josephine Counties, though we welcome participation from our neighbors all the way from the Klamath to the Coos and Umpqua watersheds. Collective members share work and decision making power. Our collective meets twice monthly and holds public educational events or actions monthly. Interested in getting involved? Have an idea for an event or action? Want our support in something you or your group are already working on? Email us at sorisingtide@gmail.com

Confronting the Root Causes of the Climate Crisis